Karbon Bar Mesh Application

Avoid placement issues and the typical corrosion problems of traditional steel grids. Karbon Bar's composite mesh solution is lightweight and versatile, offering a stronger and more manageable solution to reinforce concrete construction.

Karbon Bar Crooked River Ranch, OR
Crooked River Ranch, OR

Karbon bar saved this project time and money. It was a prefect fit since it doesn't rust, holds up to weather better, and is stronger than rebar.

Karbon Bar Woodburn Oregon project cover photo
Woodburn, OR

This 20,000 sqft project came together fast. Because Karbon Bar is so lightweight, what normally takes days took just hours to complete, with over 50% cost savings on labor.

Karbon Bar Crooked River Ranch, OR
Centennial Park Redmond, OR

Projects of all sizes and types can benefit from using Karbon Bar. You’d never know Karbon Bar is at the foundation of this beautiful park in Redmond, Oregon.

Karbon Bar concrete contertop cover photo
Concrete Countertops

This professional install used Karbon Bar instead of rebar. It was more affordable, lighter and easier to work with, and done much faster.

Central Oregon

Extremely strong, Karbon Bar works great with a power screed. No need to remove the concrete chairs, drive right over them and it goes right back into its original shape.

Karbon Bar Woodburn Oregon project cover photo
San Bernardino, CA

Heavy equipment? Bring it on in. Karbon Bar is strong. So strong that this industrial storage slab can withstand thousands of pounds of heavy equipment driving over it day after day.